Follow Up & Follow Through

    January 18, 2018

    Today, we’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions. I know what you’re probably thinking… “Mariah. You do realize we’re more than halfway through January right? How in the WORLD are you just now figuring out your New Year’s Resolutions?!” Well, truth be told, I’ve had this blog post saved as a draft on my computer since December 21st. But I have this terrible habit of starting something, and never following through and finishing. I’ve been this way my entire life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve thrown myself head first into everything and I start off with so much drive and motivation; halfway through my task/activity/etc. I either get scared, lazy, or both and either place the task at hand on the back burner or quit completely. I’ve been like this for 24 years. And I can’t stand that about myself.


    Which brings me to this blog post – this year’s resolutions. This year, along with my resolutions, I have a theme for my year: Follow up and follow through. And I’m planning on applying this mantra to every aspect of my life. Whether it’s creating content more consistently on my blog and YouTube channel, actually finishing the web series that I’m writing with one of my best friends, or even just making sure I’m continuing to make connections in Hollywood and finally putting 100% of myself into my acting career.


    For many years, I’ve let fear be the driver of my car. If I started driving, fear was always my passenger in the front seat. My mind is constantly filled with so many what ifs, buts, and maybes, that I’ve let dreams/passions/hobbies go without ever really giving those things my all. Well in 2018, this is changing. This is the year of FOLLOWING UP & FOLLOWING THROUGH.


    So now that I’ve pepped myself up and I’m more than inspired and excited to take on this new year, it’s time to share my resolutions with you. I’m writing these down because realistically I need to learn how to start holding myself more accountable and how to follow through with everything once I’ve started it.


    (1) God. This year, I plan to start with God, stay with God, and end with God. My faith has always been so important to be, but in the past couple of years, I’ve definitely lost track of that at times. It’s easy to say a quick prayer before bed when I need something from God, but I found myself forgetting to thank Him once He answers those prayers. So, this year He’s a BIG priority.

    (2) Mental health. My mental health is important. No more putting it on the back burner. In 2017, I learned a lot about myself and how I process things. Through my struggle with anxiety, I found myself learning about what I was dealing with, realizing I wasn’t alone and found many resources on how to manage my anxiety. So in 2018, I want to continue that. I want to continue learning; continue growing.

    (3)  Practice loving. Practice gratitude. Practice patience. So, ya girl is ENGAGED, and although this is a beautiful time and such an exciting season in my life, I also know that it’s going to be hard. I’ve been a girlfriend for 4 years, but now I have to learn how to be a fiancée and in the next year, a WIFE. So this year, I need to learn how to be patient, how to practice gratitude and to continue loving.

    (4) It’s time to start being on-time. And on-time means, 15 minutes early. This is pretty self-explanatory.

    (5) Get healthy. I’m officially #sweatingforthewedding. This year, it’s all about eating right & getting fit. It’s something that I’ve put off for YEARS, so it’s time to get into a healthier swing of things.

    and lastly…

    (6) Be consistent. Like I’ve mentioned, I am a serial starter and sometimes finisher. I have so many great ideas and projects in mind and I find myself trying to commit to 10 different things at once. Eventually, I get so overwhelmed that I just burn out and I get stagnant. I want to be wayyyyy more consistent and overall just learn how to manage my time better.

    Outfit Details:  Turtleneck — Forever21 // Sweater Dress — Free People // Booties — Aldo


    These are my resolutions for 2018.  This is the year that I’ll continue to learn, continue to grow, and finally finally finallllyyyyy this is the year that I will not only follow up, but I’ll also follow through. I’m ready for you 2018.


    And that’s all for now. Be sure to check back and see how my 2018 is progressing; I’m thinking this year is going to be the best one yet!

    xo, Mariah

  • So now that I'm able to step back and take a breath, I can finally sit down and truly reminisce about what took place on November 16, 2017. Joey and I have been talking about getting married, I swear, for almost as long as we've been dating and realistically we had been talking about getting engaged by the end of 2017. It was the next step in our relationship, and we were both ready to take it. So, as the end of the year was and still is approaching, I had been waiting anxiously for when our big day would come. The night before the proposal, I kid you not, I could not sleep. I was restless the entire night. It's kind of hard to explain it, but I felt like a little kid that was about to go to Disneyland for the first time and was just too excited to sleep. I didn't even know what I was excited about, but it definitely kept me up all night. And at this point, I had proposals on my mind! For over a week, I had a reoccurring dream every night of Joey dropping to his knee and asking me to marry him. So when Thursday morning rolled around, I woke up excited, but for no reason. Joey left to go to work, and there was not a single inkling that anything special would be happening that day. We had even made plans for what we would do later that evening whenever he got home from work (we were planning to go to our local neighborhood park to have a picnic and attempt to watch the sunset). Shortly after Joey left for work, I got up and began tackling my own work. I work from home, so I was chilling in my pajamas (aka my giraffe onesie) tackling my daily tasks. All of a sudden, my best friend from back home in Texas called me. We talk often, but this phone call during the day was completely out of the blue. I answer and she asks me if I've seen what she tagged me in on Instagram. I put her on speaker phone and immediately go to my notifications. We tag each other in memes and other weird things all the time, so I thought nothing of it. And that's when I saw HowHeAsked's post. "BIG NEWS! Someone is getting engaged around 5pm PT today – the proposer shared his love story on and he's hoping his girlfriend sees it before then!" My heart starting beating a mile a minute. I'm trying to click on the link in the bio to read this story because I was starting to connect the dots and I just didn't understand how all of this was happening. The moment I read the first line, I knew it. This was our story. And the love of my life was about to propose... to me! My best friend listened to me cry as I continued to read the most romantic love letter over the phone and after I was done, I heard a knock on my door. My two best friends from home (including the one who I was still on the phone with) were standing outside of my door. We cried, hugged, and gushed about how excited we were that I was finally getting engaged! Joey couldn't have picked a better duo to come and help me get ready. I've known both of them since 5th and 6th grade, so as I got ready, we drank champagne and laughed about the ridiculous memories of our adolescent years. Thankfully, Joey gave me a few hours to get ready and once my dress was on (which he provided and skillfully hid in our hallway closet for TWO WEEKS because he knew I would never go in there), my makeup was done, and I had one last sip of champagne, we were off! Where were we going..? I had no clue. As we were driving up the PCH to our secret destination, I sat in the car silently reflecting on the past 4 years of our relationship. Our relationship has always just made sense. He's my person and I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. I looked over at the sun shining over the ocean and it was one of the prettiest skies I had seen in a long time. I honestly felt like God was blessing this day as He's blessed our entire relationship. We pull up to the venue and immediately get lost; my best friends and I aren't the best with directions, so we made a left when we should've gone straight, and then made a right when we should've made a left, but at the end of the day, WE MADE IT! I get out of the car and start walking down this beautifully lit pathway and I couldn't see him anywhere. I honestly thought he was going to pop out from somewhere, but then as I continued walking, I saw him in the distance. As I got closer, I saw that archway he was standing under that read "Idyllwild Pines." And that's when the tears started streaming down my face. Our unofficial relationship began at Idyllwild, he first told me he loved me at Idyllwild, and now he brought Idyllwild to me so we could finally come full circle in the place that holds so many memories for us. When I got to Joey, I immediately hugged him and he told me that I looked beautiful and started leading me to a beautiful setup of watercolor pine trees and lights. That's when I heard someone singing what I initially thought was an acoustic cover of "Wild Ones" by Flo Rida (it's been our "song" since before we even started dating) and the more I listened, I quickly realized the song was about us. The next part was a blur. The only thing I can remember clearly was Joey dropping to his knee, me sobbing, and him saying, "Mariah Ashley Lincoln Logs Robinson, will you marry me?" I said YES before he even fully asked me the question! As he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger, our family joined us and we all cried, hugged, and cried some more. And after that was all said in done, Joey still had another surprise for me. He told me we were going to a wine tasting spot to have some wine, some finger foods, and just to all hang out with one another, but little did I know that all of our friends from college were there waiting to celebrate with us. The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind and we've been overwhelmed with the amount of love that has been sent our way, but we couldn't be more thankful. I get to marry my best friend, my confidant, my support system, my other half, the keeper of my secrets, and my PERSON. IT'S TIME TO PLAN A WEDDING, Y'ALL!

    I’m Engaged!

    So now that I’m able to step back and take a breath, I can finally sit down and truly reminisce about what took place on…

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    December 10, 2017