Fall Trends: Denim Skirts

September 20, 2017

Fall Trends: Denim Skirts

Fall Trends: Denim Skirts

Hey y’all, it’s time for the next fall trend of 2017.


True story: when I was in middle school, I practically begged my mom for a denim skirt. All the girls in movies and TV shows were wearing them and I needed to have one. I still remember exactly what it looked like — it was a light wash with white lace trim lining the bottom and I LOVED IT. Every time I wore that skirt, I felt so girly and pretty.


Well, just as trends come and go, my favorite denim skirt found it’s way to Goodwill probably a year later and I honestly never really thought about denim skirts again… until now.


Denim skirts are BACK, people! And they are back with vengeance. I honestly don’t think denim skirts ever really went away, but they are definitely popping up in a ton of shops this fall.


Whether you’re looking for a denim skirt that is long, short, blue, black, trimmed with lace, or has a raw hem — there is a denim skirt for you. Pair your skirt with a simple top and some over the knee boots, and you’ll have the perfect fall outfit.

Fall Trends: Denim SkirtsFall Trends: Denim Skirts

Outfit Details: Top — Urban Outfitters // Denim Skirt — Urban Outfitters // Earrings — Urban Outfitters // Boots — Steve Madden

Fall Trends: Denim Skirts

Make sure to check out last week’s post for the first fall trend and if you’re impatient and can’t wait two more weeks for all four trends, you can see them now in my latest YouTube video.

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