Asking My Girl Squad: Bridesmaid Proposals on a BUDGET

March 21, 2018

So, if you’ve been following my journey over the past 4 months, you would know that Joey and I got engaged! Engagement is such a fun season for us; a season filled with plans for our future, dreams of our family (one day!), and bickering over wedding budgets (whoever said planning for a wedding was glamorous/stress-free clearly has never planned a wedding before…).


In the first few months of wedding planning, we visited our first wedding expo, I’ve tried on a few wedding dresses, and we just booked our venue! I’m officially #BecomingBalderrama in May 2019! Now… I would gladly walk down the aisle and marry the love of my life with absolutely no one around, but since we’re planning a traditional-ish wedding, I knew I wanted to ask my favorite gal pals to be a part of our big day in a very special way.


I’ve been pinning things for my future bridesmaids for YEARS. When the time finally came to ask my best friends, I realized that I had NO MONEY, so I had to improvise. I consider myself pretty crafty, so I immediately set out to make the bridesmaid proposal boxes of my dreams while I was also balling on a budget.

The Glasses

Y’all, Etsy is your best friend in all things wedding planning… until it’s not. For a simple champagne flute featuring my bridesmaids’ names, I could’ve shelled out around $10 a glass. When you have money, this doesn’t sound too crazy. But when you have a small budget and eight girls to buy gifts for, you learn to improvise. So… I made them myself.


I took to Etsy to order the name decals which ended up costing me around $3 a glass. For the glasses themselves, I bought 2 sets of 4 flutes from Target. Collectively, I saved about 50% of what I would’ve spent if I just ordered the glasses pre-made. I got to save money AND create something special for my friends. This was a win-win for me.

(The application process.)

The Rest of the Box


In the rest of the box, I included a mini-bottle of champagne, some faux roses that I cut off of their stems, and my custom cards. I saw a design of a card that I loved on Etsy, but I couldn’t justify spending $50 on some cards just because they had rose gold foil.


So I created a similar design in Photoshop and sent the design off to my fiancé’s dad. Luckily for us, Joey’s dad owns his own printing shop, and gladly took on the task to help me re-create the cards that I had fallen in love with. They turned out perfectly and all of my girls LOVED them!


Four of my bridesmaids (including my Matron of Honor) live out of state, but the other four live in Los Angeles and gladly accepted my invitation for brunch. It was there that I gave them their boxes, made my Maid of Honor cry (happy tears!), and finished forming the BEST bride tribe a girl could ask for.


Next up? We have to decide on bridesmaids dresses & plan my bachelorette party. Let the debauchery begin. 😉






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  • Liz Pacini

    Ah so much fun!!! I’m also getting married and a few of my bridesmaids are out of state… but it makes it SO much more exciting when we all get together! Happy planning!!!

    March 27, 2018 at 12:59 pm Reply
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