About Me

About Me

Hey, y’all!

About Me.

My name is Mariah & welcome to my world. I am a 24-year-old Austin, TX native, currently residing in the crazy, unpredictable, yet oh-so-fulfilling city of Los Angeles. I moved to LA when I was 18 to go to college at USC (fight on!) & pursue an acting career and have been out here ever since.

Life isn’t always easy, and I’m not one to pretend like it is. This blog will focus on fashion/lifestyle/beauty, but it’s also going to focus on the struggle that is #adulthood. You’ll see outfits, you’ll see #trendy insta pics, but you’ll also get my midnight rants about an audition that I really wanted but didn’t book, and you’ll even get some posts about my struggle with anxiety. After all, Mariahland is my world, so you’ll get every little piece of it — the good, the bad; the upsets, the wins!

I’m here to be real & show you that although Los Angeles may not always be as glamorous as it may seem (in the movies anyway), life’s what you make it — so let’s make it rock.

I’m so excited that you found my little corner of the internet; I hope you’ll stick around. xo

Random Things You Probably Don’t Need to Know About Me.

  • In high school, my nickname was Chewbacca. Well – I technically gave myself that name, but people actually called me that.
  • If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, it would be a toss up between, pizza, macaroni & cheese, and hot Cheetos.
  • I have a secret obsession with watching the Disney Channel.
  • I believe that I was a giraffe in my past life – it doesn’t matter that I’m only 5’2″ now. 😉